Thursday, November 17, 2011


If you are finding a person who is in the thirst of searching for friendship, then you have found the right person. You've gotta to admit that every human being cannot live without friends. Have you ever questioned yourself that how could somebody get so many friends, while you are in the situation of vice versa?

During I was in primary school, I had done a crazy thing. Seeing that I did not really foster good relationships with my other school mates, I decided to put myself in a place of where darkness surrounded me. That time, although I had heard tonnes of saying that goes "friendship is part of the vital source of life", but I was so eager to prove that it was wrong. I tried to be as ignorant and quiet as possible. It lasted for 3 days! ONLY 3 DAYS! What a shame on me! Eventually, I found that, I really could not cope with the pressure of not having even a single friend. From that days onwards, I started to pressurise myself to get more friends. For me, more friends means more fame.
Consequently, pressure overcame me. I became more and more insane towards friendship, just like a tiger is hunting for its prey non-stop. I did not know how to control my emotion when I saw people who were surrounded by lots of friends. I often looked upon myself, thinking "Why am I such a failure?" Questions by questions kept flowing through my mind, vexing me cruelly. I surfed internet and went to library to search for guidance on how to improve the relationship. Guess what? I ended up finding: Nothing...
Dwindling friends had made me grown anxious as days passed by. I had tried many ways letting more people to approach me, including applying some rhetoric expression in my daily conversation. In my opinion, it did not work out.
This problem prolongs until I came to KTJ. At first, I met the same hindrance. Lacking of friends always made me felt that I was left out. NO! THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! I recounted the mistakes I had done in past. At last, I found the root of problem. Those days, I treated making friends as a job to be done, a compulsory task. Still remember I said that more friends means more fames? Seriously, it is misleading. Now, I finally realise that, recognizing new friends is not a kind of pressure. It is supposed to be a fun process. Coming to KTJ is really a training for me to attain maturity. I have always been in the mist of misconception that I do not get enough friends. Till now, I know that friends are always beside us. It is just a matter of how far we realise that they are our friends. It is WE WHO DECIDES WHETHER WE WANT TO PRESSURIZE OURSELVES OR NOT.

It is going to be a new day for me everyday!! Tell ownself, never and ever create pressure on yourself on how to get more friends, because without realising, you actually have lots of friends. Be ownself!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

22/10/2011 (Another exeat!)

Here come another exeat!

my heart is filled with excitement!
the life in KTJ is becoming more and more hectic as day passed by.
well, homework, ECA, PCNC, etc...
everything is coming in slowly, bits by bits..

this exeat is no more a honeymoon for me,
i plan to do something interesting for myself as well as study
A ROBOT perhaps..

it took me about 2 months until i realise the real motive i come to KTJ.
its not about ECA, grabbing high post anymore.
well perhaps i can try to grab, but there is no point.
i have been stressing myself recently,
i keep ask myself,
why does everyone seems do a lot better than me?
is it I'm not good enough?
is it I'm not friendly enough?
because i feel like my relationship with other people was not that good,
but sometimes, the surrounding showed me that my relationship with people was not bad,
it was just that i gave myself too much pressure.
to be honest,
i seem like a person who scares to lose.
that's why i always give myself too much pressure.

today, just before the school closes,
i am sitting in front of my computer,
recalling what i have done for my previous life.
today is the day i learn about myself.
today is the day i start to learn how to control
today is the day i start to learn that life is in our hand.
today is the day i start to learn that life should be as fun and enjoyable as possible.
today is the day i learn from my previous mistake and don't repeat it again.
i shall do what i want because no one can control me.
recalling my previous life, my biggest mistake was covering my biggest strength.
i finally find myself back again.
i shall delete my biggest mistake to reveal my biggest strength.
and i won't give up easily!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Water Rocket(5/10/2011)

1 thing I found that KTJ different from other schools are the way that a teacher's teach us.

today, during physic class,
we did a water rocket!!
omg!! actually this is to explain the concept of momentum.
however, it was really amazing that we kept redoing and redoing and finally,
we successfully make the water rocket to fly up to sky,
recorded height is about 105 metre.
this was really great and amazing!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

House Singing and Walkathon (17/9/2011)

Finally, house singing had come to an end.

eventually we lost,
it did not means it was over.
although we lost, but the will to win shall not fade.
applause to all my housemates in doing a great job in house singing.

Tmr i will be going for a walkathon
so basically walkathon is not for running right?
so i just have to walk slowly.
however, i heard that walkathon is for running,
i wonder if it is true....??

anyway, i will be waking up quite early tmr.
exercise early in the morning is always good,
that is the reason i support walkathon!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

16/9/2011 (House Singing and Anti-housicm day)

House Singing is around the corner,

and all my housemates including me participate in this annual event,
however, yesterday i had a bad cough,
and today morning, i completely lost my voice!!!
OMG, how could it be!!!

Tmr is anti-housicm day,
it is actually for us to exchange house shirt among all students,
and i joined too!
i exchanged my pinky pinky house shirt with my friend which is a green shirt,
and tmr i'm going to wear it during lesson.
kinda fun ya!! hehe

Today i have quite a lot of free time due to Malaysia day,
going to take a break today.... Phew---

Monday, September 12, 2011

12/9/2011 (End of MUN)

Finally, TMUN had come to an end.

i had a lot a lot of experience there.
I made some great friends.
Although i'm not satisfied with the title "Averting the New Possibility of Economic Crisis",
however, the debate had increased my knowledge towards the economic.
Thanks to all delegates in ECOSOC.
You all are wonderful!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

8/9/2011 (Attire for TMUN)

Now i start to regret for not bringing formal wear to KTJ..

Arghh, need borrow a set of formal clothes from my housemates,
tomorrow is TMUN!!
going for workshop first, then start debate!